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Sabrina and Ken do Granville Island

The other night I had the fantastic pleasure of shooting Sabrina and Ken's e-session and we had a blast!

We hit up one of my favorite places to shoot, Granville Island and wondering the entire island, from one end right to the other. There is such an abundance of everything I love down there: color, architecture and great space! We didn't get down there until about 7:30pm but we still managed to get a good chunk of sun before it disappeared. It's disappearing faster and faster these days!! :( We really had a good time ust wondering the island being silly and having fun. One of my favorite parts of the night must have been at right towards the end when we walked by the La Baguette et l'Echalote (the island bakery) and that sweet smell of freshly baked bread over took us all! Oh man, nothing gets me more than fresh baked bread. We stood around watching the baker through the window and drooling all over the sidewalk.
Anyhoo, Sabrina and Ken were a blast to shoot with and I'm really glad we had such a great night to do the shoot. They are clearly, very much in love, and I think the pictures show it!
Thanks for a fun evening guys! Can't wait until the wedding this weekend!


Robyn & Karl E-Session Slide Show!


Another Beautiful Vancouver E-Session

Well, it's late Friday evening and here I sit, comfortably on my couch, trying to get caught up on work! Time for an editing break to post some fun pics from my e-session with Robyn and Karl. I met these 2 sweethearts through my friend Stacey Trowell and jumped at the chance when she referred me for their wedding. They are getting married the exact same way that I did, on yacht cruise through the Vancouver Harbor!

It's coming up in September and I'm super stoked for it! They are awesome people and I'm really glad that I'll get to be a part of this wedding. For the engagement shoot, they suggested one of their favorite local beachside parks, Ambleside. It's an absolutely gorgeous area over in North Vancouver, right on the north shore. I've never shot there before so I was all over it when they suggested it. We had a great time wondering the beach side and enjoying a beautiful, classic Vancouver sunset!! Thanks for a nice night guys! Enjoy the shots.